Where is the book?

Beer Means Business - Paperback Photo
One of the first copies of Beer Means Business

The book is on its way.

In a more roundabout way: it is running off the presses and in a couple of weeks will reach retailers. I received a few of the first copies earlier this week and I am looking forward to the public release Further details of this will follow. In the meantime, choose your preferred channel for updates:

‘Craft’ beer at 7%. Vaguely.

SIBA members market share - 2015
citation from SIBA’s Annual Report 2016

I still can’t get over how little attention has been paid to SIBA’s annual report. I already wrote about the organisation’s unexpected turn towards ‘craft’, and this time I turn to the numbers in the report.

SIBA is an organisation “promoting and campaigning for Britain’s independent craft breweries“. The “members produced just over 3 million hectolitres, around 7% of the total UK beer market“. These two claims put together make me suddenly realise ‘craft’ beer has seven per cent market share… at least. Keep Reading