Book Launch with 99p Kindle Offer

Beer Means Business was written to stimulate thinking about the future of beer and related businesses. To achieve this, it needs to be shared with as many people interested in beer as possible.

Therefore, the release will be combined with a special offer: on 6th & 7th July the Kindle version will be available for only 99p on Amazon.

Remember to take advantage of this limited offer and please inform others who might be interested. Thanks!

Beer Tax in a Wider Context

The UK’s beer tax system sits within the EU excise framework. Although this might seem less relevant following the referendum, the bearing of the EU framework on the rates applied in the UK is very limited already. This is explained in the Beer Means Business book whose relevant chapter is quoted in full here. Keep Reading

Beer Tax in the UK

Most consider beer expensive. The price of beer pays for materials, services, labour and investments in production, distribution and selling it to consumers. Beer consumption also contributes to the running of public services through the taxes included in the price of beer. But how much is ‘beer tax’ actually?

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Book Launch Event

ome-logo-1As communicated earlier, Beer Means Business will be released on 6th July. While you will have to wait for the details of the special offer we are preparing for the launch a little longer, we are happy to share more information about the launch event.

One Mile End brewery kindly offered to host the discussion with the Beer Means Business author, Csaba Babak and two other amazing breweries (Five Points Brewing Company and The Redchurch Brewery) in their brew pub in East London.

The event is free but registration is required. Click here.

Book Launch on 6th July

Beer Means Business - Paperback Photo - Release DateBeer Means Business, the book about economics and marketing in the UK brewing industry will be released on 6th July.

We strongly suggest you mark this day in your calendar and look out for further announcements, because we are preparing with a special offer and a major event for the launch.