The keycard to unlock her cell with is on Chief Porter's office terminal. This is Porter’s office. While searching the lab and its many locked doors and rogue robots, the player will find the safe to be empty. Anton is found in the Comms building and from there the quest can continue. Follow him back and speak to Anton to turn in the quest. He will still be located within the Comms building. There’s enough money to be made if you just go and complete the sidequests in Roseway, rather than selling them to Gladys. Upon arrival to Roseway, the player and friends find the town in a state of disarray with dead Raptidon's lying about. } All in all you need three of these canisters for a later quest step. Bits or reputation. The player will find objective markers to deal with the outlaws, Raptidons, and recover Anton's data. Go over to the right and interact with the terminal. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */. While doing so, you will run into Cassandra, a character who has gotten herself trapped in a cell. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Once you’ve picked those up, head down the slope towards the Anton’s Data quest marker. If the player agrees to help Cassandra escape, the next steps are to convince the security detail to let them pass, kill them instead, or clear out the docking bay of Raptidons. Head to the location shown on the map above. With all three canisters in your inventory, sneak down and open the door to the raptidon room. Remember to pick up the “Rapti-prod” from the side in the middle of the lab; it’s a unique melee weapon you can’t get anywhere else. To do so, you will need a keycard, and in this guide, we will show you where to find it. margin: auto; Speak to Porter on the other side and he’ll fill you in that the outlaws are trapped downstairs without a key card. All in a day’s work when you’re in The Outer Worlds. You can now either return to Roseway and your ship to build SAM and turn in the schematics, or press on to the main covert lab. Enter the building through the side door next to the workbench outside and you’ll wind up in a room with a vending machine. You can choose to even out the data, share some here, keep some there, sell some hither. In front of you there’s a front desk with a terminal. This solves the raptidon problem. If you have Science 45 you can recalibrate the equipment for a double dose, but your otherwise “complete” the experiment to give to Vaughn, or “purge” it for no reward. float: left; Check both while you’re in Roseway. margin-left: 0; You’ll need it to open Cassandra’s cell, which is crucial if you want to help the outlaws. If you take the corporate secrets to Gladys, you get about 7,500 bits for your trouble. Don’t worry if you can’t open the door to get the third one, there are more chances later. Dealing with them will greatly help Anton and the outlaws for a safer environment. Now turn around and hack the computer terminal to lift the hallway lockdown. Travel to the Roseway port off of Terra 2. Agree to return his research, turf out the outlaws who’ve overrun the facility, and offer to take care of the Raptidon problem as well. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. After the call is played, passage into Roseway is activated. A hike to a secret lab is mandatory in finding Anton's safe. For more information, go here. Pop back to Roseway and he’ll hand it over. On the new planet you also gain access to two new Science Weapons from the Void. RELATED: 10 Best Characters In The Outer Worlds, Ranked. Despite the help you’ve given her, one last double-cross is on the cards. You can boost your hack skill with Vicar Max as a follower (here’s how to complete his follower quest, The Empty Man). With the gas canisters, the player can safely subdue a large mother Raptidon and her children in a non-lethal way. as well as the Acid Steeper to add SAM to your crew. Once you reach Monarch there are plenty more quests on offer, including “Canid’s Cradle”. The player can negotiate with the outlaws' leader, Cassandra O'Malley. You then need to sneak over to the three blue cylinders on your right and interact with them. The player is given an audio file containing a distress call from someone on Terra 2. Personally, I like to collect those sort of things so I went with the scientists. To find get the keycard, you need to find a specific terminal to print it from. Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! Next on your agenda are the weapon schematics – and the acid steeper. Next, close to Roseway’s door you can speak to Orson Shaw. Transition inside and you’ll meet some friendly Auntie Cleo corpos. However, the keycard is nowhere to be found – like it … This gives you the “By his Bootstraps” quest. width: 25%; Giving the secrets to Gladys fails The Amateur Alchemist, Vulan’s Hammer, and The Doom that came to Roseway. Now that’s everything from Crane, there are two more scientists to speak to in Roseway. This gives you the storage facility key code. 8 Find Anton's Safe. Follow the quest marker to the Auntie Biotics lab and enter through the front door. Anton's guards can't deal with them so it would be beneficial to them all if the player got rid of the outlaws by force. Outside you can speak to Lillian if you wish. The safe if empty so you get a new objective to retrieve the research. From here the quest will be complete. She won't give it away willingly. Talking to Cassandra, who hollers the player over regardless of if she is noticed or not, reveals that she has Anton's data right in her pockets. However, if you return them to Crane, Vaughn, and Orson, you get that same amount along with unique weapons and armor. Persuasion is enough to convince Porter, the head security guard, to let the outlaws pass and avoid total chaos. Speak to Berke for some context on your situation if you wish, but the main man you need to speak to is at the base of the tall tower in front of you. Ask him about his predicament and why he sent the distress signal. There’s an Intimidate check of 30 to bully out the true nature of his research here, but it’s not totally necessary. Here's a look at how to complete it! Money. The Outer Worlds gives players multiple different endings. Use your key card on the pad and engage her in conversation. It’s quick and simple to complete if you’re feeling feisty – your reward is a decent payout and a unique flamethrower. So there you go, now you know how to get the covert lab security keycard, and continue the Doom That Came To Roseway quest. She can be convinced to part with all of the data even after saving everyone's hides and agreeing to her plan. Continue around the corner and down the stairs and you’ll find Orson’s lab. You can get it as part of the Doom That Came to Roseway side quest. It is possible to deal with the outlaws and raptidons without too much violence. When you’re done take you well-earned bits and items back to The Unreliable and set off to buy the Navkey from Gladys. This is when you need Lie 50, Intimidate 51, or Persuade 31 to resolve the situation without violence, but still come away with the research. To continue your mission to help the Hope colonists, you need to get to Monarch – and that means getting your hands on a Navkey to Stellar Bay. Now that’s dealt with go back towards Cassandra and head left up the slope and around the corner. This guide is meant to walk you through The Doom That Came to Roseway quest on Roseway, Terra 2 in The Outer Worlds.It will guide you through your quest options and dialog summary in particular.