amzn_assoc_region = 'US'; OXO Good Grips® Cupcake Corer. Be the first to Write a Review Q & A. Kleiner Test mit bereits geschütteltem Salat in der OXO-Schleuder: Holt noch mal 30 ml Wasser zusätzlich raus. This clever hand-held tool easily extracts the cores from homemade treats, then ejects the center in one piece. There’s nothing worse than wanting a certain type of product and only having one option to choose from, so you’ll be glad to know that the Evri Mini and Standard Cupcake Corer Set allows you to core both mini and regular cupcakes as well. It’s so easy to use you can whip out 100 cupcakes or more and feel like you just started! About this item. How are ratings calculated? Share. Top Kitchenware and Kitchen Gadgets Reviewed! [CDATA[ Done. Discover why 750 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights. During COVID-19, learn to innovate through chaos, navigate the new normal and maintain work culture from home. After filling your treat, slice the core and replace before icing. Inspire your group with our most popular speakers on innovation, trends, change and futurism. Our thoughtful, “question everything” process and relentless attention to detail uncover the best solutions for life’s everyday tasks. Materials: Silicone, tritan. Ashley Noelle Lesiak — December 15, 2013 — Special. Learn more about Trend Hunter and how we accelerate innovation. OXO Good Grips Cupcake Corer, Red. Write up an article and showcase your trend-spotting skills. If you’re also participating in this program, share your recipes below! Overall, this cup cake corer provides a lot of bang for the buck and is great for any adventurous home baker. Place a cupcake on your work surface. … amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; This looks so fluffy with a hidden surprise! If you purchase something through these links we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. 719812036106. by OXO. It just so happens to feature a cute flower petal design as well, so your kids will be begging to join in on the cupcake action and make it a family affair. It cores out a big chunk of cupcake (like in the photo), but you're supposed to cut the top and place it back on the cupcake before icing. Add in the vanilla bean paste, and increase the speed to high, beating until the frosting is light and fluffy. Details. Be the first to Write a Review Q & A $ 6.95. //