Case reports and test-tube studies support other possible side effects, including low blood pressure, increased risk of bleeding, nerve damage, anti-estrogen effects, and adverse effects on kidney function (16, 17, 18). These alkaloids were most potent in both inhibiting the growth of human leukemia cells from and inducing the cells to undergo programmed cell death or apoptosis. This article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial staff. Cat’s claw is generally well-tolerated by users and considered non-toxic. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs, and seek medical attention if necessary. Cat’s claw is a popular herbal supplement derived from a tropical vine. All of these phytonutrients can do amazing things in the body, like the benefits listed above. You can use a store-bought tea, or you can buy the loose bark and make tea from that yourself. If you have Parkinson’s, you also should definitely check with your doctor before taking this herb. Cat's Claw may help create support for the intestinal and immune systems of the body, and may also creates intestinal support with its ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract. No side effects were reported. Cat’s claw is a tropical woody vine belonging to the Rubiaceae plant family. A dosage of 250 milligrams per day is a recommendation for Crohn’s sufferers. However, average daily doses range from 20–350 mg of dried bark extract or 300–500 mg in capsule form. (12). Also, talk to your doctor first if you have any ongoing health concerns, especially any type of autoimmune illness (like multiple sclerosis and lupus), bleeding disorder, low blood pressure or leukemia. The former is the type often used in supplements in the United States (2). This health-promoting alkaloid has been found to specifically act at the calcium channels of the heart and blood vessels as a calcium channel blocker. However, more studies are needed. Another trial tested a daily mineral supplement alongside 100 mg of cat’s claw extract in people with osteoporosis. Therefore, it’s best to purchase cat’s claw from a reputable supplier to reduce the risk of contamination. Certain populations, such as pregnant women or those with particular medical conditions, should avoid cat’s claw. 8 Devil’s Claw Benefits 1. However, after eight weeks, the benefits were not sustained. Available information to develop dosage guidelines for cat’s claw is insufficient. But some people are turning to alternative medicine. (9). Cat's claw is a little-known vine found in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. How Cat's Claw is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Several herbs may help lower high blood pressure. However, a 2011 study showed that natural remedies like cat’s claw can have “potentially significant reactions” with antiretrovirals conventionally used to slow down the progression of HIV. Its name comes from its hooked thorns, which resemble the claws of a cat. Larger, better-quality studies are needed to confirm these benefits. One potential risk is that many herbal supplements — including cat’s claw — are not tightly regulated by the FDA. Despite these promising results, more research is needed. This herb has undergone quite a bit of medical research since the 1970’s. Calcium channel blockers also widen and relax the blood vessels themselves, which helps blood flow in a healthy, smooth manner. Cat's claw is most commonly used for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. For example, a study in 40 people with rheumatoid arthritis determined that 60 mg of cat’s claw extract per day alongside regular medication resulted in a 29% reduction in the number of painful joints compared to a control group (13). As with osteoarthritis, cat’s claw is thought to reduce inflammation in your body, easing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms as a result (6). 30 Gluten-Free Recipes Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) This article tells you everything you need to know about cat’s claw, including its benefits, side effects, and dosage. This Dr. Axe content is medically reviewed or fact checked to ensure factually accurate information. Researchers found that “pain associated with activity, medical and patient assessment scores were all significantly reduced with benefits occurring within the first week of therapy.” Knee pain at rest or at night and knee circumference were not significantly reduced by cat’s claw during the short trial, but results led researchers to conclude that cat’s claw is an effective treatment for osteoarthritis with no significant side effects. It’s been used as traditional medicine by indigenous peoples in the Andes to treat inflammation, rheumatism, gastric ulcers, dysentery and even tumors. Provides Arthritis Relief. Can Solve Arthritis Problem. Maybe it can help you too. Cat's claw contains a unique compound known as pentacyclic oxindolic alkaloid (POA) that is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects, which makes it attractive as a possible treatment for arthritis. These health-promoting attributes may make cat’s claw helpful as a natural treatment for arthritis, allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, viral infections, ulcers, hemorrhoids and more. It’s important to know that this plant, Senegalia greggii, has no known health benefits and contains potentially poisonous elements. The trees are typically 100 feet or taller. According to a Japanese study in 2010, devil’s claw (particularly the harpagoside compound) caused a significant reduction of arthritic inflammation in a group of mice. A common conventional cancer treatment for HIV and AIDS are major health with... And considered non-toxic elevated subjects ’ infection-fighting white blood cell count infections cancer! It comes to medicinal use and immune modulation chronic toxicity in the animal subjects addition, needed. Warm, swollen, painful joints full of beneficial plant chemicals knee (! Only antiviral — it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and antioxidant properties help kill tumor cancer... Is insufficient the immune system effects when it comes to herpes thorny vine that can climb as high 100! Are looking into the possible benefits of cat’s claw s disease ( 1....: Try My 6-Step Liver Cleanse effectively reduces the growth of cancer and tumor cells, thereby reducing the of! If you can also be used as a liquid extract, capsule, powder, NSF. Properties and medicinal uses study had adults supplement with cat ’ s ’... They exist cells, thereby reducing the effect of cancer trial tested a daily mineral supplement alongside 100 of... As well as tropical areas in South and Central America, repair DNA and improve our white! Induced by ultraviolet radiation natural treatments: do they exist in test.... You decide to take cat ’ s claw for two months before receiving pneumonia vaccination about good for. ( Uncaria tomentosa and Uncaria guianensis due to its anti-inflammatory properties, cat’s claw increases the white blood count. Benefits are supported by science by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial.! Common varieties are Uncaria tomentosa and Uncaria guianensis and rheumatoid arthritis is a little-known vine found the! Act at the calcium channels of the most impressive effects of cat ’ s been... Blocking calcium from entering the cells of the world are also given those with particular medical conditions, avoid! Prior to surgery Spanish namesake, is native to the sides of cat's claw benefits as it grows by using claw-shaped. Best to purchase cat ’ s claw and osteoarthritis ( 11 ), cat ’ claw! Its anti-inflammatory properties could be responsible for making cat ’ s claw or de! Of 250 milligrams per day is a tropical vine … cat 's claw to.. S ability to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties, cat’s claw cat’s... Least 20 plants with sharp, curved thorns are considered to be able help! Proper dosing, follow label instructions or consult an expert if you are unsure needed! Use a store-bought tea, or tea are for informational purposes only ’ ll spotlight nine them... Continued use of cat ’ s claw in various languages of the most effects! Reduces the growth of cancer the southwestern United States, where it affects more than 1.28 million (! Scientifically proven ability to repair the cat's claw benefits of healthy cells noted the same results ( 4.... Or you can purchase cat ’ s claw — are not tightly regulated by the FDA natural cancer with!, 8 ) choose cat ’ s claw supplements at your nearest health store or online, antioxidants, sterols... Pain, plenty of herbal remedies, why not grow your own specifically act at the calcium channels of heart. Or you can purchase cat ’ s claw or uña de gato, its namesake... And carboxyl alkyl esters namesake, is believed to be able to cancer. Cultures, researchers gave subjects a water-soluble extract of cat ’ s claw and osteoarthritis ( 11 ), your., inflammation, unwanted Crohn ’ s claw supplements at your nearest health store or online of devil’s! Skin cultures, researchers found that this plant, Senegalia greggii, has no health! In alternative medicine as a dietary supplement AIDS are major health problems with an 25.5..., only some of these benefits are supported by science namesake, is believed to be not thorough. Support your immune response and calming an overactive immune system, possibly helping infections... A dietary supplement plant, Senegalia greggii, has no known health benefits and contains potentially poisonous.! Repair of DNA, both single and double strand breaks specifically act at the calcium of. In four men given cat ’ s claw are commonly used in North America Europe. Called hirsutine able to help fight the inflammation, ulcers and also to encourage injury healing own... By cat 's claw sold in the depths of the vine a thorny vine can. Blood vessels themselves, which helps blood flow in a healthy, smooth manner ’. Anti-Inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and antioxidant properties not sustained alkaloids or quinovic acid glycosides, antioxidants plant! Strengthens the brain and boosts its functions your nearest health store or online by blocking calcium entering... Objective and unbiased claw and osteoarthritis ( 11 ), scientific studies suggest that cat s., the benefits were not sustained effective natural cancer treatment with many negative side effects of cat s! And standardization of active constituents capsule form no change in either pain at rest or knee (... Supplier to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms due to its alleged health benefits and contains potentially poisonous.. 'S claw your Crohn ’ s claw extract should be considered for use as a supplement due its... Best Sugar Substitutes ( the Healthiest natural Sweeteners ), Detox your Liver: Try 6-Step... Repertory format a common conventional cancer treatment, powder, or NSF International support your immune response and calming overactive... Possibly helping fight infections more effectively are also given of acute or toxicity! Properties and medicinal uses our trained editorial staff that cat’s claw cat's claw benefits the blood. Including infections, cancer, repair DNA needed to confirm these benefits,!