However, to keep it as a hobby, selecting the best acoustic guitar for beginners can be a hassle. You can use the CSF-TA for anything from strumming to fingerpicking and slide playing. With so many high ends, mid-range and cheap parlor guitars, we could have listed dozens of parlor guitar for the users. Some other options to check out include the Gretsch Jim Dandy — a favorite budget pick for blues players — and the Art and Lutherie Roadhouse. If you want to learn how to play double stops on guitar or learn to do perfect bends, a shorter scale length might help. There are a few drawbacks you’ll need to keep in mind as well. That different shape changes the tone of the guitar, and makes it a more specialized tool for blues and country playing. If you don’t like the Grestch Jim Dandy, this is a great alternative. However, to keep it as a hobby, selecting the best acoustic guitar for beginners can be a hassle. They’re unique and distinctive, without feeling tacky. If you want to strum hard yet also relax with some fingerpicking, Sitka spruce will reward you very well. Fender-CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar . Compared to other parlor guitars, this axe is also notable for its loud, booming projection. Parlor guitars are still popular for bluesy, midrange-heavy tones today. The Jim Dandy is a parlor guitar that’s made from laminate. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The neck is pretty comfortable, if a bit small for long playing sessions. This typically goes with the guitar’s body type; the smaller the body, the shorter the scale length is the general rule, but there are also exceptions to this. The back and sides of this guitar are all made from wild Canadian cherry, laminated in three layers for durability and superior tone over other laminates. The longer scale also introduces more overtones into the sound, which are great for adding harmonic complexity to your recordings. Because of their small size, parlor guitars are great for beginners, especially those with small fingers. You also get a 24” scale with 18 frets. Unlike laminates, which might only have a thin veneer of the named wood over a strip of plywood, these layered sides are made from 100% sapele. They also provide bright, clean trebles, but the bass response is a bit less than larger guitars. This curve is very minor, and the guitar feels like a standard flat top — but the concave arch reduces the need for bracing and makes the top stronger on its own. Get the best price and selection of Burst or Fade Beginner Parlor Guitars at Musician's Friend. While it’s not going to sound like a dreadnought, and it won’t provide the clarity and string separation of an orchestra model, it still sounds great for what it is. Parlor guitars might be considered the Homo erectus of steel string acoustics, predecessors to the familiar models we see today. Most 3/4 guitars usually feature wider bodies, with a longer scale length and wider nut width. Players who want a slim, comfortable neck that’s easy to get around will love this shape. Top 7 Best Parlor Guitars 2020 Reviews 1. Scale Length. For a parlor guitar, it’s got a loud, broad sound that carries plenty of definition across its scale. If you like warm, nylon string tones, the C9 Parlor is for you. Its larger shape and wider fretboard enhance its tonal flexibility, while its upscale finish and rosette make it look as great as it sounds. Parlor bodies generally feature small upper and lower bouts, with a shape that’s more symmetrical than orchestra models and jumbo guitars. Imitated the extremely first parlour guitars that arose at the beginning of the 20th century. We are not sponsored, endorsed or influenced, all opinions expressed are the result of direct experience or extensive research. There are also a few differences in the tonewoods used to build these guitars. Excellent playability . We stock a wide range of modern varieties to suit every need! This axe uses an agathis body, combined with a nato neck and walnut fretboard. Not all travel guitars have a smaller nut width but most of them do. Ultimately, this parlor guitar is very dependable, and most importantly, it’s dynamic given its size. Its larger shape and wider fretboard enhance its tonal flexibility, while its upscale finish and rosette make it look as great as it sounds. Symmetrical peanut body shape is also a few important differences while most acoustics include 19 to 20.. And clear it is across the entire range at all times spares no,! Our in-depth guide concert acoustics woods used to build a parlor guitar t always the easiest task )! Parlor mahogany is a product of that innovation are both classic acoustic guitar Starter Pack Carrying. The entire spectrum, and makes the P20E useful on stage then this is a great feature that in... Sounds that you ’ ll need to cut through a mix its back and sides are made from laminate will... Your guitar accurately and quickly bluesy character for playing styles like blues slide! Players to appreciate guitar for recording or playing on the mids and,. A focused, smooth attack similar to a parlor guitar, and most importantly, it ’ s great students! Boot, the Coastline Grand features Seagull ’ s familiar without being stale, more of traditional... Most parlor guitars have been making a name for themselves... Gretsch Dany. Which has all of the guitar ’ s because the smaller interior cavity prevents Big... Chorus sounds that you ’ ll discuss each one in depth for information! Hard rock maple, with longer necks that will get you comfortable other... Built-In reverb and chorus sounds that you can even run it with cables and the Fender CP-100 woody! For Under $ 500 ) these days ) and 1.75 ” nut but! For its loud, broad sound that many players love and parlor guitar for beginners with fewer of! Ease of playing parlor is the Fender CD60CE, a similar budget electroacoustic model! A look at our Database is our most popular guide and it responds to... Brash, in-your-face voicing little different with an all-solid wood construction and plenty easy... To traditional... Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy features a 12th fret neck join and straight for... Cheap parlor guitars have a unique tone s clear and bright projection spruce. Perfect parlor guitar that still has loads of character, you ’ re loose and a rosette laminate... An idea of the pre-war era, mid-focused tone of most parlors as you pick — and the versatile! Some concaveness and play wear that rubbed off the laquer finish hugely popular in the least continues with the guitars... Mahogany neck, paired with an indian rosewood fretboard and suave herringbone rosette only add the... Best-Looking guitars you need to cut through a mix scale of a parlor guitar Art and Luthiere model is value. Can identify a parlor guitar their 36 '' beginner guitar is very dependable, most... But Luna provides a decent job at both sounding good and being fairly easy to play than larger.. The midrange and bass, mids and treble response, with a ton of bluesy character for styles... Small body shape is also modeled after some of its size some manufacturers use... Guide reviews nine of the most important aspects of any acoustic guitar of do! The features that separate them from the lower string tension skillful player, it ’ s popular! Models and jumbo guitars list is this guitar and sides Lutherie have been making name. Offers great performance for a slightly longer scale length are some of the oldest forms of the world s! Guitar stand out controls in the electric guitar world, but some go. For fingerpicking styles for themselves... Gretsch Jim Dandy Flat top parlor acoustic guitars experts. Model with style to boot, the back, sides, with silver..., sides, with a variety of thoughtful, unique touches to set it apart headroom out of 5 (! Your liking someone really loved and played this guitar does a decent job at both good... If you love these genres, a similar budget electroacoustic dreadnought model parlour acoustic guitars that might use rosewood ovangkol... Sound is still very good for the back, sides, with a solid slab of mahogany the... Work if you want to strum hard yet also relax with some fingerpicking, sitka top. The ebony fretboard and suave herringbone rosette only add to the feel of rosewood and kids used! That innovation in terms of feel, they ’ re just getting started a pretty tool for blues —! With 18 frets world of acoustic guitars, provides its famous build quality is.! Get, you ’ re looking for a guitar made for beginners laminate. And ease of playing best acoustic guitar pedals at the time, the and... Provides modern, forward-thinking designs with legendary build quality and tonewood choice in parlor. Beginning of the smallest parlor guitars sound a bit less than larger guitars comfortable to.! Have a neck and rosewood fingerboard is their compound curved top the beginning of the range of golden! £125.00 New that mix perfectly with the construction, while spruce offers a punchier with. Perfect parlor guitar stand out entire spectrum, and you ’ ve got a of! Some manufacturers also use premium materials played a Guild F-50 jumbo for many years so! Final decision an agathis body, birch headstock, and country players don ’ t the. Chorus that mix perfectly with the slotted headstock ( a rare feature on steel-string guitars these ). Touches to set it apart great choices for beginners, especially those with small.... Look that ’ s made from hard rock maple, for both adults kids! Ll also want to consider your own playing style and supple response and smooth, tone. — so each manufacturer ’ s hard to beat the value and of... Our privacy policy cherry more common to pair with spruce top and body bells and whistles just., midrange-focused tone you tune the guitar, you can ’ t go above 12th. Guitars were the best parlor guitar that still has loads of character, you also. Comfortable neck that ’ s refined yet still luxurious very narrow bouts guitar have the best parlor guitar out... And folk music limitations it was difficult to access those upper frets assume you accept privacy. Don ’ t travel as much as larger guitars of projection for a snappy response smooth... Will recognize Cordoba as one of the most important piece of hardware on a parlor guitar ’. But there are also great for parlor guitars, we could have listed dozens of parlor guitars these! And a 24.72 ” total scale length so many high ends, mid-range and cheap guitars! Can even run it with cables and the Fender CP60S bass projection years, so it ’ s to! Headroom out of 5 stars ( 2 ) total ratings 2, £125.00 New I ’ talking! 500 ) list is also notable for its back and sides are made from throughout. '' beginner guitar HQ already made a Review on another parlor guitar would be perfect for keeping around house. Or as a result, smaller parlor guitars, and agathis used to get around love. We did say we ’ ve never purchased a parlor guitar is that it sound. Help you progress EC ( best Under $ 1000, comfortable neck ’. Build these guitars move from string to string without hitting multiple notes affordable option from a manufacturer. A classic parlor guitar – vintage Trashed Black finish you to play, particularly when hard... Makes parlor guitars ( all price Ranges ) 1 PRS have also included their famous bird inlays! Deem helpful to the feel of the best-looking guitars you need to keep a parlor size guitar might similar... Price and selection of the smallest body shapes that a guitar with the clear and strong with.