Although he’s tired, he’s the absolute opposite of relaxed–he’s feeling a biting anxiety that he can’t shake. ), (Nightmare reaches out and hugs his brother. These cookies are required to provide the functionality on the site, such as for user authentication, securing the system or saving cookie preferences. What do you think? Nightmare: If you’ll excuse me, I have something to attend to. Dream works together with I’ll eat a little, but… I dunno, something’s wearing me down right now…. ), Nightmare: (This is gonna suck, but it has to get done somehow.). Afraid I would hurt you…? Read Dream X Cross X Nightmare from the story Sanscest SIN by Lokie_lemon_pie_2 with 29,241 reads.!Dream?oldid=93329. #aus #bittyz #undertale #xreaders. (He restrains himself and flips back into character. On the sides of the belt are orbs containing the hopes and dreams of everyone. I think it’s obvious why. Keep it together, need to keep him won over…). Nightmare: Hey, I found something. ), Dream: (… I can feel it in this place, though… The darkness around me, trying to get to my head…), Dream: (I guess… I don’t have any reason to fight it anymore…). Customize your avatar with the Dream Sans (Bottoms) and millions of other items. ), (Nightmare is laughing, and Dream can guess it’s because of how much that threw him off. sorta slow updates because i'm lazy af, also requests are allowed, and no i won't do Character x Character, only Character x readers. Nightmare uses Dream in many of his plans, manipulating him into doing as he wishes. ), Dream: (He seems… so happy that I’m here…), Dream: (Did he really miss me this whole time…? This is what you really want. Nightmare: Just forget everything and come with me…, Nightmare: Darkness is nicer than it seems…, (Nightmare holds Dream by his shoulders and looks at him with intent.). ), Nightmare: (… Just how much can I get into his head? Nightmare: Everything has been giving you grief, huh? After installation, click Play below to join the action! ), (Nightmare watches as the light gradually dims, the stain growing ever so slowly. Those are two completely different things! Nightmare: Even the cleaner already did their job today. Am I clear? You can change now. Dream: There’s no point in trying to change something that will never change. YOU ARE READING. (Nightmare returns to the room, back in his original form, holding a tray of random food. Dream whimpers slightly in his sleep, causing Nightmare to flinch and his smile to falter. Go with what you want. (Dream inspects the tray. D&D Beyond Not knowing what to do, or rather, unwilling to do anything about it, he leaves the room again. Nightmare: You can’t leave this room until I okay it. ), (They teleport and appear in the new location… in midair. Nightmare: Nobody’s making you do this, Dream. It resembles the twins’ classic guardian outfits, except more intricately detailed and almost classier. Click Ok once you've successfully installed Roblox. Nightmare: Don’t you want to be with me, Dream? Horror: ‘Sup with him… thought he wanted his bro dead or something…. Dream: … people who wanna hurt me outside. Horror: Pfft, you deserved that, pretty boy. ), Nightmare: (… I can certainly make something up about forms for specific presences… He would understand something like that. Roblox uses cookies to personalize content, provide social media features and analyze the traffic on our site. Dream Sans x Reader(Lemon/Smut) New Reading List. Nightmare: I’M in charge of this operation, and none of you are to get involved in it IN ANY WAY. Whenever Darkness feels feels strong negative emotions, a black substance leaks from his eyes and nose. C’mere. I’m not throwing you in jail this time. Nightmare: All right everyone, news flash. ), (He walks back into the room and to the bedside, grinning widely. Dream is smaller than the original Sans. Really, it’s not a matter of personality–it’s just mental conditions. Dream's weapon is a twisted version of his staff. (He places the tray on the desk while Dream stands there fiddling with his hands. ), (Nightmare’s gaze trails down to Dream’s bare feet. Nightmare: Ignore your obligatory feelings. Nightmare: None of your business. Undertale AU Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (Nightmare starts to walk towards Dream, who simply continues staring at the ground.). I haven’t sensed despondency like this for a long time, and it’s from you? A chance to finally get what you want. Nightmare: I think I might actually have some matching stuff in there, but there’s something I need to do now. (Nightmare runs off into his closet and closes the door behind him. Nightmare: Haven’t you just been afraid this whole time? Same FRICKING DIFF?! (He laughs as if it was supposed to be a joke, as if all those times were just a game–just for fun. ), Nightmare: (My brother… I think this is the start of something new…), (Nightmare freezes up, quickly reverting to his original form in case Dream had awoken. (Dream’s eye sockets widen, staring off into the space behind Nightmare. Edit. I have an incredibly important announcement to make, and I’m already warning you that if you do anything stupid I will kill you. ), Nightmare: (And I’ll be here, my brother…), -the theory that Dream and Nightmare aren’t ‘destined opposites’ because that makes no sense (I’ll explain it if anyone’s interested), -the theory that Nightmare isn’t only interested in getting the ‘last apple’–I mean, his only weakness is Dream’s light, after all, and if Dream isn’t a threat, then he has no reason to care. Dream has no monster or human soul. ), Nightmare: I’ve been missing you so much, too…. Nightmare: Wellll? He’d always known that Dream falls asleep quickly, so it didn’t take much waiting. ), (Nightmare makes a face, sensing his brother’s feelings. Dream Sans x … ), (This sounds impossibly sarcastic, but it’s so out of place that it’s hard to react to.). He wears a golden crown on his head and a light blue jacket, with slightly darker pants. Nightmare just wanted to screw with Dream. Dream can use happiness to travel through AUs. He’s basically convinced himself that he’s happy, when in reality, nothing about his condition is healthy. sanscest, request, sans. You can learn more about how this site uses cookies and related technologies by reading our. Dream in this state wants to prove he loves his brother, which adds to another way Nightmare can easily manipulate his brother. Push you off? Nightmare: Good thing there’s only junk in there. Nightmare: I get it. Nightmare: So you’ve finally seen the truth. As the embodiment of good emotions, Dream can absorb the happy emotions in his surroundings and use them to heal himself or his companions; he can also use them to increase his own speed and strength. Is something on your mind? But basically, he’s an emotional mess and I’m running a plan right now, so you are all, AT ALL COSTS, to avoid DOING ANYTHING STUPID. You’d probably look better in it. Nightmare: Dream, lighten up. Don’t worry about it, none of this stuff needs to be refrigerated, so I can just leave it on the table. To learn about how we use cookies and how you can. Romance. ), (They crash land onto the huge bed below them. Vote. His weapon is a golden pole with stars on the ends. Gradually, Nightmare returns to his original form, and Dream moves away to see the version of his twin he once knew. Nightmare: You got it. (He pulls Dream over to a large mirror in the room.). Dream has no monster or human soul. If it doesn’t, start the, Please choose whether this site may use cookies as described below. Sans/Darkness!Dream < Sans. (Nightmare trips Killer in place, sweeping his feet out from under him with a tendril.). His entire personality wouldn’t change just because he decided to give everything up.