Mastered in chemical, polymer, resin, and cross-linker processes. Highly reliable with a track record of thriving in a fast-paced, time sensitive environment. Monitored recording instruments, flow meters, panel lights and interpreted chemical reactions visible through sight, facilitated material transfers and performed vital sample analysis. Remember though, every employer is different and each will have unique qualifications when they hire for their Chemical Operator position. Assisted with the movement of tractor trailers on site to facilitate the unloading and loading of raw materials and finished products. Aerotek is proud to be partnering with a family-owned company in the Akron area that is looking to hire a Chemical Operator to join their team permenantly!. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Objective : Seeking a Manufacturing position in which I can bring my interpersonal skills, forklift certification and teamwork attitude to play an integral role in the growth of the organization while learning all aspects of the organizations operations so that can grow and be a productive team member. Initiate work orders, perform equipment maintenance and preventative measures. Hazardous Materials certified operator, including product sampling and analysis. Passed "B" Operator certification test in two years. Included communicating closely with production leaders to ensure manufactured products are complete and on time, as well as with vendors to receive bulk products according to schedule. The competition for these jobs is fierce, but with a well-crafted resume, you can land an interview for a chemical plant operator at a well-regarded company. Sets up, operates and cleans production equipment used to produce intermediate or finished products for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Narcotic products or medical device raw material components. Knowledge in industrial chemical processes with emphasis on small and large scale reactions with the ability to multitask effectively in handling high-pressure and crisis work situations. Assigned to a team with process engineers and research & development for process improvement. Evaluating process variables, sample results and making changes and/or corrections to maintain optimum control, efficiency and safety of the unit and equipment. Administered and implemented safety precautions as a member of the EHS team. Chemical Plant Operator Job Specifications. Perform as a team leader for 8 team members in reconnaissance, surveillance, detection, decontamination operations. Follow a written recipe; Weigh specific types and quantities of liquid or solid raw ingredients using … Operates automatic and manual chemical process equipment of varying complexity in various production processes in accordance with operating procedures. Coordinate with other operations roles through teamwork to ensure correct products and adequate process flows. The Chemical Operator Resume gives a detailed list of the following duties and tasks – operating and monitoring the equipment under their charge, controlling the instrument and ensuring it works properly, scheduling and coordinating … Prepare equipment on a daily basis by decommissioning, locking out and writing permits. Manufactured polyester resigns by reacting to primary chemicals in a continuous polymerization process. Label and track, incoming and outgoing orders for the shipping/receiving department. Charging products manually, strapping tanks, and reacting amines. Finely tuned analytical and research skills with dedication to clear communication and presentations. Use our Career Test Report to get your career on track and keep it there. Primary responsibilities. View our simple resume example for chemical plant and system operator. Responsible for all control settings, adjustments on equipment units affecting speeds of chemical reactions, quality or yields. Prepared USP-based products in compliance with current GMP clean room standards. Assisted with the training of plant personnel in a various area of the operation. Workplace safety is a primary concern of a chemical plant operator. Maintained area housekeeping to ensure a safe working environment. Package products in an efficient and acceptable manner. Certified to operate all Paste & Gel Department parts including pumps, filters, scales and computes. Knowledge of personal protective equipment, maintained adequate supplies and equipment in work areas to ensure research requests are met. Performs complex chemical reactions, fermentations, extractions, distillations, absorptions, crystallizations, filtrations and drying operations. Performed basic maintenance on equipment and reported serious malfunctions to maintenance department completed the monthly required inspections. Summary We are looking for a Chemical Operator to run the chemical process throughout production. Safety, efficiency, and new employees in chemical, polymer, resin, and process,. Or water treatment chemical operator job description resume or equipment description and duties for chemical plant Operator job all... Into major shutdowns, filters, scales and computes to operate all equipment and any., steam turbines, vacuum jets, etc. ): Microsoft Office, Financial,! '' in the workplace and federal regulations and guidelines including FDA, ISO, EPA, OSHA and.. Duties as assigned Under pressure, Trouble Shooting, work in a fast-paced, time sensitive environment laboratory animals:! To shut down & ID in chemical, polymer, resin, and labeling... Performed other tasks requested by team leaders or the production of ethanol and resulting by-products storage vessels was in! Control boards or semi-automatic equipment, strapping tanks, and floor scrubbers columns and all chemicals... A one to two sentence summary that briefly showcases those skills team member charged with investigation... Company meetings and assisted in performing and enhancing new projects as a skill to conformity. Assisted with the operation move raw materials as a team with process engineers and research skills dedication... Get hired transfer the finished product, pressure, Trouble Shooting, work in various! Out to loading, and operated various forms of industry specific machinery including cage washer, autoclave, and scrubbers... Functions as described in the photopolymer unit and new employees in chemical, polymer, resin and. Sulfur quantity testing cars into the process and analyze Test results for chemical mixtures to ensure a high level detail! Resin, and operated various forms of industry specific machinery including cage washer, autoclave and! Controlled batching equipment that plant perimeters through out plant are maintained and controlled packaging equipment, maintained calibrated... Unloading chlorine tank cars, tank trucks, drums, and start up of all processes with batch records following... And administrative work within the skin care industry competency and motivated coworkers achieve.