His wife, Jocelyn Guerrero, jokes that either she or their two little girls will need to get sick to get his attention. 453 likes. Another call. Over the course of a week or so, he saw dozens of people, until a different neighbor complained that he was going to infect everyone. She carried a large file with her. He pulled out a stack of forms and asked for her father’s work credentials. Dr. Gutiérrez pulled into a private hospital down the street from his home, where he fielded another three calls. One took place in Campestre when gunmen shot at a cartel lookout but struck an innocent bystander inside a convenience store. During this latest campaign, however, some comments were posted on social media, questioning whether or... As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition November 2020. “People are suffering in ways you can’t imagine, and if we bring that fear with us, it only makes them more afraid,” Dr. Gutiérrez, 39, said. “I can’t even answer all the calls,” he sighed, ignoring the next incoming one. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting. Dr. Gutiérrez, who has become a minor social media celebrity, asked the young man to join him for a photo to post on Facebook. Reports from across Mexico paint a picture of a nation reeling back … This article was written by “J.A. “Honestly, we didn’t prepare for this,” she said, her face flushed. It is a total solution for any business in this new century. REYNOSA, Mexico -- This country's tenuous security situation is falling apart. makes no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence of anyone on the booking report. La información más actual y relevante de la región norte de Tamaulipas y el sur de Texas The radio and broadcasting outlet RTVE reported Tuesday that Spain has 14,746 confirmed cases, 638 deaths and has 1,031 people who have recovered since COVID-19 began impacting the country, which has a total population of just over 47.1 million people, according to the country’s National Statistics Institute. “He’s always been like this,” she smiled, running her hand over his short-cropped hair at breakfast one morning. Jorge Villarreal: A no-brainer. The late commander received several threats by organized crime prior to his execution. The man’s son turned the camera around and asked the doctor for help. The daughter of a 74-year-old woman, who had become ill 10 days earlier, called next. The hospitals were full, he said. McAllen Mayor Jim Darling said on Twitter Wednesday night that he traveled to Dallas for a connecting flight to a western state. Inside, he said a quiet hello to the family of one of his patients, huddled in the waiting area, too numb to weep. In the darkened living room, the woman, Dolores Bustamante Robles, slumped on a sofa, slowly sipping oxygen from a rusted tank. The family braced for bad news. But the fun usually reaches its apex... SAN ANGELO, TX – San Angelo LIVE! The total construction cost for the improvement was $2,867,922. On busy days, he sees up to 25 people, charging about $90 for those who can afford it, nothing to those who can’t. “Only now, instead of being around two hours a day, we barely see him.”. It’s something you wouldn’t expect to see across the border: dozens... HIDALGO, Texas—U.S. This patient, however, is now isolated, according to the release. All traffic projects may be subject to delays or extensions due to weather and/or the current Public Health situation. The soldiers called for state authorities to send forensic investigators to document the scene. The violence continued on Wednesday evening when a group of Gulf Cartel gunmen from the Reynosa or “Metros” faction entered Rio Bravo to kill a lookout for the “Escorpiones” or Matamoros faction. The doctor stooped to check her vitals. The newly constructed lanes are part of improvements to increase northbound vehicular traffic at the bridge. His wife was dying of Covid. And right then, with his phone ringing on his dashboard, he had more patients to see. Speaking with a patient during a house call in Matamoros. Completely. The stolen SUV was moving with a convoy of cartel gunmen. “Call me and remind me if I don’t confirm.”. Reviewing x-rays of the lungs of a Covid-19 patient. Dr. Gutiérrez, who was home recovering from his own infection, agreed to see them in his garden. First came changes in our Halloween customs because of the coronavirus. “It’s really just chance and luck.”. Commander Tomas Charles Ortiz and... MCALLEN, Texas – The McAllen Foreign Trade Zone recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a food truck offering BBQ plates for drivers pulling in and out of its busy facility. The doctor stooped to check her vitals. 2.7K likes. Reproduction without proper consent is not allowed. While state cops dealt with the dead driver, a group of Mexican soldiers who were rushing to provide backup came across a white Toyota Tacoma with four armed passengers. Although the man’s hacking cough echoed through the house, Dr. Gutiérrez was pleased to see that oxygen was improving his condition. “We never expected this.”. Street Maintenance. REYNOSA NEWS. After days of negotiations, representatives for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez — aka — Cinnamon and Golden Boy Promotions have reached an agreement to release the boxing champion. Dr. Gutiérrez called the family’s youngest daughter, 27, into a private room. By his count, he’s seen well over 200 patients in their homes since June, traveling between Reynosa, the state’s largest city with 600,000 people, and Matamoros, another large border town. This follows news earlier this week that a 55-year-old Malaysian man in Tampico also tested positive, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to two. His wife was dying of COVID-19. Carjackings affecting innocent motorists along Mexican border city highways are also spiking. Before long, a man ran toward him, desperation etched on his face. Dr. Gutiérrez has maintained a routine of 20-hour days, visiting patients in their homes then working an overnight shift as an emergency room doctor at a regional hospital. “With my sister, we knew what was happening more or less,” she added, composed now. On Wednesday evening, Tamaulipas authorities announced that a 5-year-old girl in Matamoros and a 30-year-old man in Ciudad Victoria are suspected to also have COVID-19. In the half-hour that Dr. Gutiérrez spent with Mrs. Bustamante and her family, he missed eight phone calls. Keith Patridge, president and CEO of McAllen Foreign Trade Zone, said he wanted to say thank you to all the... A U.S. citizen traveling from Mexico destined for New York was arrested last month and faces drug smuggling charges after authorities found methamphetamine inside his vehicle, records show. Mr. de León, eager to show his victory over the virus, asked his wife to bring him his boxing gloves for the picture. “Don’t be shy,” he said with a laugh. “Excellent teamwork exhibited by our frontline officers contributed to these... ur psyches have been through the ropes this past week. A shootout began when state police officers responded to a call about a group of cartel members stealing a Toyota Highlander at gunpoint. All rights of the publication are reserved by UrduPoint.com. He was long past that. He is also addressing one of the most vexing issues facing Mexican officials battling the virus: a refusal by patients to seek treatment from hospitals. The holiday seems normal in some respects, such as folks going all out with their decorating. La información más actual y relevante de la región norte de Tamaulipas y el sur de Texas He’s visited scores of patients fearful of the hospital. Dr. Gutiérrez’s phone began buzzing again. In a release, authorities say a 23-year-old woman from Reynosa has tested positive for the virus. Not that it affected him, he said. A truck blocks a road in Reynosa today. He began early in the summer, when a neighbor in the construction business said his workers began falling ill, and asked him to check on them. The company was founded by Reed Allan... HIDALGO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Field Operations (OFO) at the Hidalgo and Pharr International Bridges arrested three people in connection with two failed drug smuggling attempts of alleged cocaine with a combined street value of $880,500. “A lot of people are simply dehydrated.”. People read newspaper articles, listen to the radio or watch the news, but a journalist is always the one to deliver the news. UP also includes latest photos of news and videos to give you brief picture of the story. “Inside, doctor, she’s inside,” the man said, pointing to his home. Authorities tried to stop them, but the gunmen fired at police while trying to escape. And this week’s ‘Bills Make me Wanna Give’ segment took us about 1,800 miles south, to Reynosa, Mexico. Darling announced Tuesday that he is self-quarantining on his doctor’s advice and is not displaying any symptoms. He relies on humor, positivity and intimacy, qualities most patients have been robbed of by the pandemic. Hours later, gunmen leaked video to social media where they can be seen going up to the lookout and shooting him before leaving. Reynosa Editor-August 25, 2020 ReynosaNews.com te mantiene informado con la información más relevante de la región del norte de Tamaulipas y el Valle del Rio … Administrador General: Francisco Javier Rojas, © Administrador General: Francisco Javier Rojas | ReynosaNews.com |, Administrador General: Francisco Javier Rojas, ENTREGA CARLOS ULIVARRI EQUIPO DE PROTECCIÓN AL PERSONAL MÉDICO DEL HOSPITAL GENERAL, SANITIZAN AUTORIDADES ESTATALES ESPACIOS PÚBLICOS, TAMAULIPAS SE MANTIENE FUERA DE ESTADOS CON MAYOR INCIDENCIA DE COVID-19, CONFIRMA SST 101 NUEVOS CASOS DE CORONAVIRUS, RESULTA “SOSPECHOSO” DE COVID-19 FEDERICO PÉREZ, DOS MAS DE PROTECCIÓN CIVIL TAMBIÉN, TENDRÁ MUSEO DEL FERROCARRIL ESTACIONAMIENTO SUBTERRÁNEO, PRESENTA MARCELO OLÁN SU PRIMER LIBRO MOTIVACIONAL, REYNOSA REGISTRA 22 NUEVOS CONTAGIOS DE COVID-19, DEJA VIOLENCIA CASI 3 MIL HUÉRFANOS EN TAMAULIPAS, APORTACIONES FEDERALES CRECEN 7% PARA TAMAULIPAS EN 2021, SALUD PONE EN FASE II ( SEMÁFORO AMARILLO) A TODO TAMAULIPAS, LAURA, LA NUEVA TORMENTA TROPICAL DEL ATLÁNTICO, FIRMAN INSABI Y TAMAULIPAS ACUERDO PARA SERVICIOS GRATUITOS DE SALUD, POLICÍAS DETIENEN A REPORTERO PARA ENCUBRIR A COMPAÑERA, GASTA RIQUELME CIENTOS DE MILES DE PESOS EN REGALOS A GOBERNADORES DURANTE REUNIÓN EN PARRAS, SCJN DECLARA PROCEDENTE JUICIO POLÍTICO CONTRA ‘BRONCO’, PRESENTAN “CACHITO” PARA LA RIFA DE AVIÓN PRESIDENCIAL. The calls continued. One of the most supportive communities I’ve ever experienced anywhere. A young man on the verge of tears, afraid his mother would die. LA FALTA DE PUENTE PEATONAL Y AUSENCIA DE TRÁNSITOS Y AMBULANCIAS ENTRE LAS CAUSAS... COORDINA ITAIT ACCIONES ANTICORRUPCIÓN CON VARIAS DEPENDENCIAS, FISCALIA ESTATAL DETIENE A SUSANA PRIETO, “LÍDER” OBRERA EN MATAMOROS, FOMENTA TRADICIONES POR EL DÍA DE MUERTOS: GERARDO PEÑA. Latest and updated Breaking news including headlines, current affairs, analysis, and indepth stories. Several citizen journalists shared the video as a way to document the violence that largely goes uncovered by legacy media outlets. Aiding were federal, state and local stakeholders. Reynosa, which borders McAllen, is the city with the most COVID-19 cases in the entire state of Tamaulipas, according to … But not surprising as the relationship between the four-division world-champion and Golden Boy of Canelo... MISSION — While the men and women in green celebrated the completion of the 400th mile of border wall, the men and women in blue celebrated the opening of two new northbound lanes at the Anzalduas International Bridge, with both events happening simultaneously Thursday within miles of each other. ReynosaNews.com. By his count, he’s seen well over 200 patients in their homes since June. He didn’t want to talk much about the dead patient, a man named Mario, who left behind a wife and two surviving daughters. Gustavo Gutiérrez is a one-man roving medical clinic in Reynosa, developing a rare practice in the turbulent times of the coronavirus.