The song recounts various superstitions, including a black cat crossing the pathway, so Beck imitates the sound of a cat with his guitar and wah pedal. Here are all Howlin’ Wolf albums ranked. Although Howlin' Wolf recorded this Dixon tune in 1961, most rock fans made its acquaintance when Jeff Beck covered it on his first solo album, Truth, in 1968. Several of his songs, including “Smokestack Lightnin'”, “Killing Floor” and “Spoonful”, have become blues and blues-rock standards. 151 sides made for Sam Phillips (Sun) and Chess Records. Howlin' Wolf (born Chester Arthur Burnett, June 10, 1910 – January 10, 1976), was a Chicago blues singer, guitarist, and harmonica player. It is ranked number 219 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time". Hubert Sumlin and Howlin’ Wolf, Avalon Ballroom 1968, photo by Howling Wolf Photos from The Language of the Blues Generosity was one concept that Wolf returned to over and over, Sumlin recalled. Here are the complete recordings - 1951-1969. In 2011, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him number 54 on its list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”. I'm the onliest one drove out of the South like a gentleman." In 2010, the song was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame "Classics of Blues Recordings" category. “A spoonful was a thing Wolf had been talking about from way back,” Sumlin explained. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame listed Howlin' Wolf's "Spoonful" as one of the "500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll". Originally from Mississippi, he moved to Chicago in adulthood and became successful, forming a rivalry with fellow bluesman Muddy Waters.With a booming voice and imposing physical presence, he is one of the best-known Chicago blues artists. Chess finally won him over and as Wolf would proudly relate years later, "I had a 4,000 dollar car and 3,900 dollars in my pocket. (Excluding the Super Super Plus Band (1967) and the 1968 Cadet album) Barcode and Other … He howled like a hungry wolf, though on many of the best Howlin’ Wolf songs his voice sounded like a roar from a very edgy bear. Listen to the music of Howlin’ Wolf. Suddenly, Howlin' Wolf had two hits at the same time on the Ru0026B charts with two record companies claiming to have him exclusively under contract.