Telephone contacts of departments: Promotion and Quality Assessment: +355042266302 Statistics and Analyses: +355042243423 Its main campuses are situated on the Strand in the heart of London, a short walk from the Houses of Parliament, Waterloo Bridge and Guy’s Hospital. You usually have to be 18 or older to take a higher education course. Browse: Education and learning A to Z. Apprenticeships, 14 to 19 education and training for work. Includes finding a course, finding an apprenticeship, 16 to 19 Bursary Fund Methodology. REGISTER OF PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS LAST UPDATE 13 DECEMBER 2016 This register of private higher education institutions (hereafter referred to as the Register) is published in accordance with section 54(2)(a)(i) of the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act No. Representative bodies for higher education institutions There are two recognised representative bodies for higher education institutions in the UK. Rruga e Durrësit, Nr 219, Tiranë, AL. It has 40 higher education institutions (not counting foreign Universities with London branches) and has a student population of more than 400,000. London has one of the largest concentrations of universities and higher education institutions in the world. Higher education courses: find and apply You can search and apply for most higher education courses online. A list of higher education institutions in receipt of public funding is available here on the website of the Department of Education and Skills. 101 of 1997) (hereafter referred to as the Act).In terms of section 56(1) (a), any member of the public has the right to inspect A higher education institution (HEI) is defined as i) a university, or ii) an institution conducted by a higher education corporation, or iii) a institution designated as eligible to receive support from funds administered by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) (aside from Further Education Colleges, which are defined below). As of August 2017, there were 106 universities in England and 5 university colleges out of a total of around 130 in the United Kingdom.This includes private universities but does not include other Higher Education Institutions that have not been given the right to call themselves "university" or "university college" by the Privy Council or Companies House (e.g. The data in Times Higher Education’s ranking of The World’s Most International Universities 2020 are drawn largely from the “international outlook” pillar of the THE World University Rankings 2020.This takes into account a university’s proportions of international students, international staff and journal publications with at least one international co-author. There are a number of other higher education providers that offer programmes that are validated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), the State’s Qualifications and Quality Assurance Authority. The detail of how private higher education operates is provided under the subheading ‘Higher education’ in the article ‘Organisation of Private Education’. Established in 1829 with a decree by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington, Kings College London remains among the most respected higher education institutions in the UK and worldwide.