The estimated population is difficult to determine conclusively as more people come into the city, but the last known count of the overall population of Vietnam showed that there were approximately 7.68 million people. Hanoi is the largest center of education in Vietnam. They rely more heavily on full-time staff than volunteers. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. It is a large conundrum within Hanoi, but one that hopefully will be rectified one day by either investment in the public transportation system or other innovative developments. [68] In Hanoi in December 1996, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam stated that: "To carry out industrialization and modernization successfully, it is necessary to develop education and training strongly [and to] maximize human resources, the key factor of fast and sustained development."[68]. He built the wall, 6,344 meters around the city, which some part were more than 8 meters high. These small and agile vehicles allow the driver to navigate the heavy traffic much more efficiently than in a standard car. Where to go from Hanoi? In 1428, the Vietnamese overthrew the Chinese under the leadership of Lê Lợi,[16] who later founded the Lê dynasty and renamed Đông Quan Đông Kinh (東京, "Eastern Capital") or Tonkin. Although the government of Hanoi has considered addressing the problem in this way, the public transportation approach is still in its infancy with no visible train system yet. [42] Most of the civic organizations in Hanoi were established after 1995, at a rate much slower than in Ho Chi Minh City. Notable landmarks include: Hanoi's western suburbs, previously Hà Tây Province, offers a number of important religious sites. Even though some relics have not survived through wars and time, the city still has many interesting cultural and historic monuments for visitors and residents alike. Hanoi's 2020 population is now estimated at 4,678,198.In 1950, the population of Hanoi was 260,802.Hanoi has grown by 1,020,988 since 2015, which represents a 5.05% annual change. © 2020 Asia Web Direct. Journeys. Contact Lonely Planet. As with all cities within the booming economy of Vietnam, Hanoi has a strict education system. Pre-tertiary (elementary and secondary) schools in Hanoi are generally state run, but there are also some independent schools. It is estimated that 62% of the scientists in the whole country are living and working in Hanoi. In the 1990s, Hanoi experienced significant poverty alleviation as a result of both the market reforms and civil society movements. Most Vietnamese consider themselves Buddhist, though not all of them regularly follow religion. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. [68] According to Hanoi government publications, the national system of education was reformed in 1950, 1956 and 1970. These population estimates and projections come from the latest revision of the UN World Urbanization Prospects. Best in Travel . Join now to collect 10 nights, get 1 free*, Privacy guidelines All rights reserved. Thăng Long was no longer the capital, its Hán tự was changed from 昇龍 ("Rising dragon") to 昇隆 ("Ascent and prosperity"), aiming to reduce the sentiment of Lê dynasty. [73] Line 2A has no opening date after failure to meet the deadline at the end of 2019,[74] while Line 3 is expected to begin operation in 2022. [39], Country-wide educational change is difficult in Vietnam, due to the restrictive control of the government on social and economic development strategies. [47] The area is famous for its specializations in trades such as traditional medicine and local handicrafts, including silk shops, bamboo carpenters, and tin smiths. Students in Hanoi are expected to take their education quite seriously and, from the age of three until the age of 18, students attend school for half of the day and then do additional learning through extracurricular activities and tutoring. Travel time from the airport to Hanoi is about 1 hour. The actual dimensions of the Hanoi map are 1548 X 1510 pixels, file size (in bytes) - 464494. [15], In 1010, Lý Thái Tổ, the first ruler of the Lý dynasty, moved the capital of Đại Việt to the site of the Đại La Citadel. Video. Hanoi contains three basic kinds of terrain, which are the delta area, the midland area and mountainous zone. The most frequented train or bus tourist route from Hanoi are: Ha Long|Bac Ha|Ninh Binh|Mai Chau|Cao Bang|Moc Chau|Dien Bien|Hue > Da Lat|Sapa|Money|Calling|Lao Cai|Ha Long Bay|Hue, Hanoi – Google Map of Attractions + Interesting Places, u textu s názvem HANOI → Tourist and Google Map for travelers, Military History Museum + B52 Victory Museum. [12] He renamed the city to Daluocheng (大羅城, Đại La thành). In the earlier half of the 9th century, it was further built up and called Jincheng (金城, Kim Thanh or Kim Citadel). [11][12] In 866, Chinese jiedushi Gao Pian recaptured the city and drove out the Nanzhao and rebels. Hanoi is located in northern region of Vietnam, situated in the Vietnam's Red River delta, nearly 90 km (56 mi) away from the coastal area. Historical sites, markets, shops, temples, museums, theatres, lakes, the most important bus and railway stations for tourists… There are also places for the one day trip from Hanoi – eg. Skyscrapers, popping up in new urban areas, have dramatically changed the cityscape and have formed a modern skyline outside the old city. Hà Nội is divided into 12 urban districts, 1 district-leveled town and 17 rural districts. Motorbikes can also be rented from agents within the Old Quarter of Hanoi, although this falls inside a rather grey legal area.[75]. Several unofficial names of Hanoi include: Several ministries, government agencies and foreign embassies. Nhà Triển Lãm at 29 Hang Bai street hosts regular photo, sculpture, and paint exhibitions in conjuncture with local artists and travelling international expositions. Hanoi has a number of restaurants whose menus specifically offer dishes containing snake[61][62] and various species of insects. Similar to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi enjoys a rapidly developing real estate market. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is one of the most visited tourist places in Hanoi. Agriculture, previously a pillar in Hanoi's economy, has striven to reform itself, introducing new high-yield plant varieties and livestock, and applying modern farming techniques. It is said that humans have inhabited the area as early as the third century B.C. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Getting around Hanoi presents some challenges. The pace of change has especially escalated after the abandonment of central-planning economic policies and relaxing of the district-based household registrar system. [39] The project focused on improving roads, water supply and sanitation, and educational, health and social facilities because economic development in the communes and rural areas surrounding Hanoi is dependent on the infrastructural links between the rural and urban areas, especially for the sale of rural products. Food and drink. Asia Web Direct, the Asia Web Direct logo, and the logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of L.P. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. In total, 15,651,467 Vietnamese (18.2%) are declared to belong to one religion. Duong Lam ancient village, Ba Vi National park, Thien Tru – Perfume pagoda, Ha Long Bay or Ninh Binh or nearby interesting villages of Hanoi. The city has frequent power cuts, air and water pollution, poor road conditions, traffic congestion, and a rudimentary public transit system. The highest peak is at Ba Vi with 1281 m, located west of the city proper. Hanoi's telephone numbers have been increased to 8 digits to cope with demand (October 2008). Trains also depart Hanoi frequently for Hai Phong and other northern cities. Those who travel to Hanoi should not miss the Old Quarter, a web of bustling streets that has been a centre of commerce for almost a thousand years, as well as the History Museum. Search Lonely Planet. Adventure travel. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. Hanoi was occupied by the French in 1873 and passed to them ten years later. Hanoi’s City Centre (Hoan Kiem District) Hoan Kiem District is the commercial centre of Hanoi with the Old Quarter as the main point of interest for travelers and Hoan Kiem Lake the main attraction for locals. Phung Hung mural street in the center of Hanoi. HT – formerly an administrative subdivision unit of the defunct Hà Tây Province. Among its lakes, the most famous are Hoàn Kiếm Lake, West Lake, Trúc Bạch Lake and Bảy Mẫu Lake (inside Thống Nhất Park). Hanoi is the second largest city in Vietnam and boasts a thriving and ever-growing population where the new and the old work together in perfect harmony. Vietnam's national dish phở has been named as one of the Top 5 street foods in the world by globalpost.[60]. Discover sights, restaurants, entertainment and hotels. … 13.3% of jobs are in the private sector. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. [13] Đại La at the time with approximate 25,000 residents included small foreign communities and residents of Persians, Arabs, Indian, Cham, Javanese and Nestorian Christians[14], became an important trading center of the Tang Dynasty due to the ransacking of Canton by Huang Chao rebellion. These places are best for sights & landmarks in Hanoi: Which places provide the best sights & landmarks in Hanoi for kids and families? Hanoi has the highest Human Development Index among the cities in Vietnam. Because many of Vietnam's major universities are located in Hanoi, students from other provinces (especially in the northern part of the country) wishing to enter university often travel to Hanoi for the annual entrance examination. Some prominent edifices from feudal time include the Temple of Literature (Văn Miếu), site of the oldest university in Vietnam which was started in 1010, the One Pillar Pagoda (Chùa Một Cột) which was built based on the dream of king Lý Thái Tông (1028-1054) in 1049, and the Flag Tower of Hanoi (Cột cờ Hà Nội). The others include Hàng Đẫy Stadium. It sounds like an excessive amount of schooling, but it does pay off over time; Hanoi's encouragement of learning has produced some spectacular results. It was jointly funded by the UNDP, the Vietnamese government, and resources raised by the local communities and governments. From Hanoi you can travel by train or bus to various interesting places. Industrial production in the city has experienced a rapid boom since the 1990s, with average annual growth of 19.1 percent from 1991–95, 15.9 percent from 1996–2000, and 20.9 percent during 2001–2003. Hanoi is served by Noi Bai International Airport, located in the Soc Son District, approximately 15 km (9 mi) north of Hanoi.