CRIS should be compatible with all up-to-date browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. How do I search for State or National Register–listed properties in an area? How do I search for archaeological sensitivity in an area? The instructions to continue a submission depend on the submission type. You acknowledge that the intellectual property rights (including, without limitation, copyright and trade marks) in all material used via HSS > CRIS Documentation (including, without limitation, text, images and plans) are owned by Healthcare Software Solutions Limited, unless otherwise stated, and your use of them is limited as set out below. To edit an existing initial submission that SHPO has not yet accepted, go to the, To view an existing initial submission without making changes or affecting its processing status, go to the, To view or respond to the SHPO question, go to the, To view or download the effect finding letter, go to the, If you represent a municipality and your project is being reviewed under the, If your project is located within New York City and is being reviewed under the, If you believe that an unrepresented state or federal agency needs to be added to the list, please contact, Include all file extensions associated with the feature class in your. If you are a registered CRIS user and you were the last person to edit the submission, sign into CRIS and go to the My Submissions tab on your dashboard. Any SHPO reviewers who have not yet signed off will have Incomplete next to their name. Open the Layers list in the map interface and toggle on the Archaeological Sensitive Areas layer to view buffer areas around archaeological sites that are recorded by SHPO. Guest users can access the basic functionality in CRIS. The resulting search that will be executed will replace the semicolon with the Boolean "OR". tab in the National Register Project Details module. If so, please email You can check whether a property is eligible for or is listed on the State or National Register with the following steps: If the address is within a hollow purple boundary, as shown in the image below, it is within a historic district that has been inventoried by SHPO (represented by a Building District USN). To apply for archaeological permissions, please complete the PDF application form and email the form with your CV to with the subject “Archaeology Permission Request.” You will need to log into CRIS with an ID account at least once before SHPO can enable archaeological permissions for your user profile. Microsoft Windows represents bytes in multiples of 1024, rather than 1000, so 30 million bytes is measured as about 28.6 MB in Windows. You may need to switch the grid view from My Open Submissions to My Completed Submissions to see your submission. If you are a registered CRIS user and you are a designated project contact, sign into CRIS and go to the My Projects tab on your dashboard. SHPO cannot easily convert polyline features to polygon features. My archaeological survey involves multiple areas. Sometimes the top-ranked result is not the intended location. Sign into and click Update My Account in the left sidebar. In Windows, you may copy an image of the page by pressing. Authenticated users, who sign in with an ID account, can access advanced functionality and can apply for additional privileges. It does not matter whether you enter text in upper, lower, or mixed case; the search software is case insensitive. In the Communicate menu on the left, click, Paste the 12-character response token found under the project’s. How can I see what the polygon represents? Give Now. Opening hours Mon - Fri: 8am - 6:30pm Sat: 9am - 5pm Sun: 10am - 5pm Chapter II of National Register Bulletin 16B, contact the Survey & National Register Unit reviewer for the region represented by the multiple property submission, submit additional materials for an existing project, Submit New Information for an Existing Project, Primary contact information automatically entered in new initial submissions. The following file formats may be uploaded for photos: The following file formats may be uploaded for attachments: When you submit photographs or attachments in response to a SHPO information request or through the Submit New Information for an Existing Project form, they will not yet be added to the project record, since the submission will be in SHPO’s processing queue. If you have GIS data that outlines the project areas, you can export the feature class to a shapefile, compile all shapefile components into a .zip file, and upload the .zip file as a project attachment at Step 4. SHPO’s Archaeology Unit reviewers evaluate sensitivity based on a variety of environmental factors, including topography and hydrology, so these buffer areas are only suggestive. An inventoried historic district may or may not be listed on the National Register. Use the Spatial Search tools to search the polygons in that location. To change the email address for your CRIS user profile, you must first change the email address for your ID account. At Step 5 (Project Location) in the Consultation Project Submission form, select the most representative single area of your project and draw it. The submission’s status will be shown in the grid. Community Refugee & Immigration Services – CRIS' mission is to help refugees and immigrants reach safety and stability, sustain self-sufficiency, and achieve successful integration into the Central Ohio community. I received an error message from CRIS. This will launch the ID Account Update form in a new tab. Use your mouse to position your cursor within selection boxes or text entry boxes. For consultation projects, which typically result in a finding letter for Section 106 (federal) or Section 14.09 (state) reviews, SHPO usually has 30 days to respond from the date a complete project submission is received. Please note that cultural resource management consultants such as archaeologists do not need to be project contacts if they need to submit surveys or other additional project materials on your behalf. There are several types of 12-character tokens that uniquely identify submissions and communication records throughout CRIS. The next time you sign into CRIS, your updated email address will be attached to your user profile. If you are an authenticated user, you may edit an insufficient initial submission by going to the My Submissions tab on your dashboard and clicking the Edit (pencil) button for the submission. OPRHP does not presently review or approve government and business ID accounts. Please ensure that your shapefile adheres to the following guidelines: The Esri application that is used for CRIS’s maps does not allow multiple polygons to be drawn for a single project. Do I still need to enter them in my consultation project submission? The Esri application that is used for CRIS’s maps does not allow multiple polygons to be drawn for a single survey. If a third party needs to submit unrequested information for the project, they may do so by entering the Project Number and the email address of an existing project contact in the Submit New Information for an Existing Project login form.