2020 ProBaseballGuide.com All rights reserved. Once you remove bats and their waste from your attic, you must eliminate odors to prevent future bat infestations. Everyone wants a long lasting baseball batting glove. Take your gloves and place them in plastic bag. Add one cup of white vinegar to a tub of warm and clean water. Rinse the glove properly: Now put your glove into the running water. Place them on a flat surface to dry. This is the method I used for about 40 years (it seems like) and it seemed to work OK. 1. First, you need to remove the dirt and for that, you can use a dry leather cleaning brush. Clean and dry cloth, lukewarm water, brush, leather cleaning wipes, alcohol-free detergent, soap, rag, washing machine (optional) etc. Then let the glove dry up naturally. It really works. Drain the sink and refill it with cold water. Wiping your batting glove: Leather cleaning dissolvable pad is very helpful for wiping your glove. But all the cleaning agents aren’t appropriate for cleaning a baseball batting glove. A good fit will feel snug without constricting your hand movements in any way. That will cause harm to the glove. The salicylic acid in the aspirin should help eliminate body odor smells. Football gloves are hard-wearing pieces of athletic equipment. Patrick Allan. Don’t rub the brush harshly on your glove. throw them out and pony up … Make a cleaning mixture to clean the glove: First, you need to make a homemade mixture. Always obey the instructions about the time you need for drying up. Don’t wipe your glove hardly on the glove. Air dry the glove: Air dry your glove like you do a leather glove. For daily laundry, add one cup of baking soda or white distilled vinegar to your wash water each time you wash exercise clothes. This is major stank stuff, and it is not something you want to treat lightly. This solution will work if the gloves are not made from leather. Grab a couple of new, unused bags. Synthetic gloves are both machines and hand washable but leather gloves are only handing washable. Brush all over the glove gently. [CDATA[ Try on the batting gloves that appeal to you. If you find like that the repair the lace as soon as possible. There are many types of equipment you have clean regularly such as baseball bat, baseball glove, and batting glove and other. So take care of this fact while storing your glove. Also Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena hand soap works great at removing the smell from hands. Do not machine-dry fabrics. You need white vinegar for this remedy. You can find them at a drug store and some grocery stores. //