“That’s a tooth of some prehistoric animal, perhaps the tooth of the Bear Lake monster, which an Indian legend says made its home in Bear Lake,” said H. E. Crockett, secretary of state, Tuesday, on his return from a weekend outing at the northern Utah resort. This is substantially their statement as they told me. The Bear Lake Monster is a cryptid appearing in local folk-lore near Bear Lake, on the Utah–Idaho border. By this time, however, Johnson seems to have been leaving the place so rapidly he failed to observe other details. My advice? Alone, the closest human being three miles away and “Eph” between me and camp. But do you recall the most famous monster of all? “You did?” Sam’s eyebrows raised in sarcastic disbelief. According to his eyewitness account, one part of the lake began to move and gave off waves that were roughly 20 feet in length. Since Bear Lake is one of the oldest lakes in the world, it's tough to discredit that something could be lurking in its depths, especially since it's a known fact that there are many species of animals out there which have not yet been discovered. Leave a comment   |  tags: lake monster, Mike Fink, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Treasured Tidbits of Time | posted in Bear Lake, Bear Lake Monster, Folklore, Idaho, Lake Serpent, Utah. A clerk from a back road motel leaned on the dirty counter as he watched the flashing neon sign reflect off of a Chevy Impala as it pulled into the small parking lot; a nice change of scenery from the usual sun-stained van or junk car of the regular customers. “Seriously though, considering the number of times we’ve died, I wouldn’t say I’m being unreasonably pessimistic” Dean continued, turning his gaze from the screen to his brother. His article claims that four men, along with six women, were returning home from Fish Haven, traveling north, when halfway to St. Charles they saw something in the water about three miles away. During Clark’s first summer in Cache National Forest (1911), he counted over 150 dead sheep. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. A grizzly bear like this one stalked Logan Canyon for years.Photo credit: MF Photos (somerandomphotos.blogspot.com). With round the clock monitoring and secure combination locks, each of our units ensures your most valuable items are kept safe. It is reported as grayish greenish with the head of an alligator. About the same time period, across the wild west of North America, another monster story was being told near Bear Lake, on what is now the Utah-Idaho border. The Real BTS Facts About The Show, Cebu in The Philippines Is Home To So Many Incredible Experiences: Here's What Tourists Love To Do There, New Zealand's Pest-Free Islands Allow Endangered Species To Thrive, Thinking Of Going Vegan? Here’s a story from Sept. 8, 1925 from the Salt Lake Telegram. I only had one cartridge left in the gun and still that bear would not go down. Whether it actually swam through the depths of Bear Lake a century ago is irrelevant. Another Bear Lake Monster story appears in the form of an original tale written by Tiffany Petitt. (Source: Wikipedia). Playing off the Nessie name, many lake monsters were named similarly with names like “Bessie” of Lake Erie (Great Lakes); “Cressie” of Crescent Lake (Canada); and “Tessie” of Lake Tahoe (California). Eventually, more and more people began to witness that great monster, many claiming it traveled at a speed that couldn't possibly match that of any known marine animal. Was it genuine history—or a tall tale—that a massive, yet elusive creature could commit this kind of mayhem and simply disappear? He set trap after trap in the grizzly’s favorite wallows, but each time the trap was either removed, un sprung, or flung many yards away. If anything’s going to shorten our career, I’d say it’s the career itself, or perhaps the very fact that we exist. Yes. Here's How To Create Them Easily In Your Backyard. Something green or brown or fast or long? Havertz happened to also be the uncle of Matthew Havertz, who is responsible for the documentary on the Bear Lake Monster that came out in October of 2019. But hey, Nessie is not alone when it comes to the catchy moniker. Perhaps you should ask one of a thousand kids trick-or-treating this year who chooses to masquerade as the Frankenstein monster. The Bear Lake Monster Is Said To Stalk The Utah-Idaho Border, But Is It Real? In Frank Clark’s own words. Old Ephraim was getting bolder and bolder, and more of a ruthless killer as the years passed. But the story of the monster that got away will always belong to our very own Bear Lake Monster. Although slow to gain traction, it seems the name has stuck. The wallpaper was yellow and peeling, but the beds were nicely made and the bathroom clean. Sightings of the Bear Lake Monster continued to happen sporadically over the following century, with one man, Mike Havertz, having a particularly interesting story to share about the creature. It protected the Navajo Indians for ten years, but a few months into the last year a small group of pioneers found out about the curse and discovered a way to counter it. Leave a comment | posted in Bear Lake, Bear Lake Monster, Fish Haven, Folklore, Garden City, Idaho, Lake Serpent, Laketown, Montpelier, Utah. In an August 27, 1881 article in the Ogden Standard, “A Sucker for Sheep,” the monster’s supposed liking for lamb chops is documented this way: It was decided by the persons referred to that an attempt should be made to angle for the Bear Lake monster. He waited for the waves to wash it in, but to his surprise, found the water washed over it without causing it to move. Soon, settlers also began witnessing the monster - or what the presumed to be it - in the form of something that was massive enough to touch the bottom of the lake, at the very least, with a serpent-like head and ears the size of 'pint cups.' So although Isabella is not known for a shiny nose, perhaps the other monsters will agree: “Isabella the Bear Lake Monster, you’ll go down in history!”, Leave a comment   |  tags: Isabella, lake monster, Nessie | posted in Bear Lake, Bear Lake Monster, Folklore, Idaho, Lake Serpent, Uncategorized, Utah. Problem is, most people don’t know it. It can swim faster than a horse can gallop—makes a mile a minute on a good day.”, According to the Idaho State Journal in March, 1972, Mr. S. M. Johnson said “It had short sturdy legs, a serpentine like tail, ears that looked like bunches on the side of a head almost like a horse’s except for extended nostrils and a forked tongue that flicked in and out as it shifted its head along.”, Another witness said “Its arms seemed to come out on either side of its head where the ears naturally would be.”, Someone else reported that it had “an indeterminate number of legs.”, Oh, and one person said “The hind legs were long and bent like that of the kangaroo.”, In a 2004 sighting, the Deseret News reported that Brian Hirschi said”…it had “really dark, slimy green skin and deep beet-red eyes.”, In an 1889 sighting, the Salt Lake Herald reported that Jake Miles “discerned a long, black, snakey form…the round, fiery eyes, seemingly a foot in diameter, were deep set and well back.”, In 1870, Marion Thomas observed the following regarding the monster: “A long, thin, blood-red tongue darted out, wrapped itself several times around a huge clump of bushes, and before I could tell it, the snapping of roots was heard, the enormous jaws opened and the bushes disappeared down its hideous throat.”. This Bear Lake Monster, they now call it, is causing a great deal of excitement up here. After tearing the horse badly he made an awful howl and then was gone. YOU SAW something that was FASTER than a locomotive…or at least a HORSE. Lost Tapes also states that in one legend Pecos Bill fought the monster for days until he finally defeated the creature. The story is in script format and is based on the characters of the TV show Supernatural. On each side of the head were ears, or bunches the size of a pint cup. This grizzly’s distinctive tracks made his tracks easy to identify. Did you see something in the water? This is where our “Monster of Bear Lake” comes in.”. However, he later recanted the stories. Later, between 1825 and 1840, many mountain men, including Jedediah Smith and Jim Bridger, met on the south shore with Native Americans to swap goods and stories. The show also included a group of girls who were staying over in tents beside the lake being attacked. His name? “I’m telling you Dean” Sam started, eying the dirty boots his brother had left sprawled on the floor, “drinking something like that is terrible for you.”, “Come on Sam, it’s a celebration treat for a successful hunt, and how bad can it be… it has mint in it… that’s like… a plant, or herb or something…”, “Dean, it’s got something like, two thousand calories in it, which might have been alright if you we hadn’t already eaten three full-course meals today. It lasted two years and apparently was the longest and most violent controversy between the natives and pioneers in Utah history. https://myths.fandom.com/wiki/Bear_Lake_Monster?oldid=4102, Some or all of this article's content has been imported from. They're All Secret Chili Ingredients, Fast-Food Poutine: Is It Good? Copyright © 2020 UtahOutdoorActivities.Com. To make the point, the Deseret News printed an article in 2003 entitled, “Bear Lake Monster gets no respect.” In it, the newspaper points out that few people know the Bear Lake Monster has another more personal name. No. I tracked him down there, and when I got close to the tent, I could see a small patch of hide. The judges decided on the name Isabella, which had been submitted by an eight-year-old girl. By 1914, Mr. Clark was determined to get Old Ephraim. After all, numerous eye witness reports and legends surrounding the monster have been a part of the valley for about 150 years or more. “I wanted to see what kind of feeling people in the community had about her—or him,” she said. Interest eventually died down in the subject and the phenomenon faded from public memory.