Bring the vacuum flask to work. Dried longan helps blood circulation and is good for ladies who feel cold during their menstrual cycles. The shelf life of dried fruit depends on a variety of factors, such as the best by date , the drying method and how the dried … Red dates is good for an easily irritable stomach. Longan is low in calories, with less than 20 calories present in an ounce of these small fruits. Dried longan has a darker colour. Superfood Spotlight on: Longan Fruit What You Should Know: These exotic and translucent little fruits are also called euphoria fruit – and with good reason: longan fruit have long been part of traditional Chinese tonics for anti-aging and sexual health. Red dates and (dried) longan tea is a popular winter drink to boost your blood circulation and warm you up on winter days. Longan Nutrition Facts. Secure the top. It’s used in one of our favorites, Ching Po Leung Cantonese Herb Pork Bone Soup. By mid morning, you will have a nice hot flask of sweet soup. Quality dried longans have a nice yellow colour, while secondary quality ones have a dark brown-yellow colour. Before leaving for work, add the 2 ingredients: red dates and dried longan and very hot water into a vacuum flask. Dried Longan – Guì Yuán Ròu (桂圆肉) Dried longan or guì yuán ròu in Mandarin, (桂圆肉) is used as a herbal medicine for Cantonese soups and tonics and provides just a touch of sweetness. Most dried fruits will last for a year beyond a "best by" date and can be frozen indefinitely, but there are signs to be aware of when questioning if your dried fruit has gone bad.