Brewers Lectures: Craft Beer Definition vs. Alcohol Guidelines

I am really looking forward to talking at the Brewers Lectures along with many well-known speakers. The event is organised by The Brewers Journal and it takes place on 7th December.

My presentation will examine the indirect link between the new alcohol guidelines and the efforts to define ‘craft ‘beer.


The Alcohol Guidelines changed the climate and prospects for the alcohol industry. There will be major implications of these changes in the long-term. Mitigating these implications is key to the sustainability of businesses. In this process, demonstrating that one category is relatively less ‘harmful’ than the rest is crucial. But how can this category be defined and how will it relate to what is commonly known as ‘craft’ beer?

My presentation will address:

  • what any definition involves in general
  • how the alcohol guidelines changed the climate in the alcohol industry
  • how these two things are related, and finally
  • what this relationship means and what you can do about it.

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