The Session #117: Roundup – What The Future Holds More Of

The purpose of the last Beer Bloggers Friday was to paint a collective picture of the future based on what the contributors thought we would see more of. The resulting image is prosperous, complex and probably more diverse than ever.

The participating (15) bloggers identified those trends of the present that will continue and generate more of their subjects, as well as those incidents that will become more prominent and form the new trends of the future.


In the future, we will see further proliferation of breweries. As the competition intensifies, breweries will look for new ways to distinguish themselves on the market.

Some breweries will become known for their appreciation of nuances, and will avoid obvious or direct characters in beer. Other breweries will resurrect and revive historic or ingenious brewing styles. This will not only involve the adaptation of hop-loads to those typical in the past but also the rediscovery of unusual fermentables and their combinations. Research into hops will enable further experimenting by pioneer breweries. However, not everybody will do everything, in fact, some breweries will very tightly tailor their core range and identify with that. 

Distinction in the marketplace will also incorporate pricing, creating a substantially wider price range, similar to that of wine. However, the most expensive products will become attractive targets to counterfeiting.

The focus on product freshness will gain further emphasis which will affect breweries’ strategies of bringing beer to the market. 

The expansion in choice will be bewildering though and choosing whatever is local will start to make more sense to many. Although these people formerly had enjoyed discovery and experiments in beer, they will deliberately restrain themselves to choosing local beer. Local – small – beautiful!

The normalisation of being a discerning beer drinker will further complicate the relationship between corporate and ‘craft’. International beer brands will be stocked unfined in the supermarkets, while amazing lagers will be produced on the new kits of expanding independent breweries.

There will be even more self-appointed seers with sensational presumptions but there will appear genuine, bolder talents with reasoned and elaborate predictions.

Overall, the scene of discerning beer drinkers will be more inclusive and diverse, drawing more people together over local beer.

The collective picture of the future of beer was based on the below contributions. THANK YOU!



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