The journey to the book

I loved living in Belgium. It is a great place to discover the variety in beer and I took full advantage of it. In comparison, my subsequent time in Switzerland felt like a drought but I regularly escaped to the oasis in the UK, and ‘craft’ beer gradually crept up on me. By the time I moved to London, I could go on about ‘craft’ beer for hours, would attend related events, visit breweries and spend weekends in tap rooms.

When I was looking for a new adventure in my professional life, ‘craft’ beer was a lifestyle I wanted to combine with my passion for small businesses and innovation. With a few ideas in my head, I started to research the UK’s beer businesses and the state of the brewing industry in general. Most reports I found were based on examples, numbers or observations from North America. Quite rightly, there is great interest in ‘craft’ beer, a well established and defined category in that part of the world. However, it upset me that the UK ‘craft’ beer sector was neglected as a specific field of analyses.

In December 2015, I read about the sense of achievement through writing and the importance of overcoming fear as an entrepreneur. I also realised I had taken a good deal of notes during my research that could be structured and turned into a comprehensive outlet of how I felt and what I thought about UK ‘craft’ beer. I identified the topics and the gaps to fill and started to write every time I was waiting for suppliers or other external input to my business.

And here we are: I finished the manuscript in March and I am looking forward to seeing the book, Beer Means Business published by Rethink Press in mid 2016.


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