The Session #117: Roundup – What The Future Holds More Of

The purpose of the last Beer Bloggers Friday was to paint a collective picture of the future based on what the contributors thought we would see more of. The resulting image is prosperous, complex and probably more diverse than ever.

The participating (15) bloggers identified those trends of the present that will continue and generate more of their subjects, as well as those incidents that will become more prominent and form the new trends of the future.

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The Session #117: Consequences Of Opportunism

The popularity of ‘craft’ beer has been growing. It attracts consumers, entrepreneurs and financial interests. The sector benefits from the inflow of cash, passion and capital, but its prosperity and potential invite commercial opportunism. In the future, we are likely to see more short-sighted actions that lack integrity.

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The Session 117 Announcement: More, more, more…

I have always been obsessed with asking what happens next or what is still ahead instead of simply embracing what is in the present. Ever since I heard about Beer Blogging Fridays, I have been toying with the idea of hosting a Session to paint a collective picture of what the future related to beer will be like.

This month, Beer Means Business has the honour to host The Session and to make this happen. The final picture of Beer Future will be based on what you think we will see MORE of.



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MUP: The Devil You Know

With the recent judgement of the Scottish courts, the Scottish Government is one step closer to implementing minimum price for alcoholic beverages based on their alcohol content. As for the beer marketplace, the approximately £1 per 500ml of 4% ABV is not expected to cause massive changes. However, a report on 45p minimum unit price in England suggests that almost half of off-trade beer sales in England would be affected. In addition, the consequences of the implementation of this measure are reaching further than one-off price adjustments.

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